Ethiopia’s militia to sue people, media for spreading hearsay

The Ethiopian military aforesaid it's finalized preparations to sue people and media organizations whom it says square measure engaged in spreading hearsay, defamation and false info, The Ministry of Defense disclosed on weekday, as reported  by state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporation. 

Major General Mohammed Tesema. Photo : FBC

Major General Mohammad Tessema, Director of instruction Division within the army,  is cited as voice communication that “enforcing the rule of law has become the Defense Forces’ key mission.” 

In a conference he had on weekday concerning true within the country, he aforesaid that the military undertook the task of restoring stability and peace following the killings of senior brass in Bahir Dar and Chief of the military in capital of Ethiopia. 

He additional that the military is additionally operating with different relevant government authorities to carry people who participated within the killing and suspects responsible. 

A task force is established at the national level to spot on UN agency was behind the killings and what the motive work, Major General Mohammad noted. The military is functioning on that in addition, he said. 

Individuals and organizations “who square measure operating to make mistrust between the military and therefore the people” through the dissemination of “false info and hearsay are known, which the military can bring them to justice, in keeping with the Director of instruction division of the military. 

However, the names of the people or media organizations UN agency square measure allegedly concerned in such activities aren't disclosed.  

Apart from that, the military is additionally searching what it referred to as “terrorists” operating to bring on conflict on Ethiopian and Benishangul regions of Yaltopya, which they're going to be delivered to justice, in keeping with Major General Mohammad UN agency is cited by FBC.

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