The Hairpin regime lives in Exile in the UK was granted bail after the Scotland Yard charged him with terrorism

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  •   Against The Hairpin regime lives in Exile in the UK was granted bail after the Scotland Yard charged him with terrorism offences his case was declared not suitable for a magistrate and was sent to a jury trial the charge against a decimal include possession of articles about security intelligence Urban Guerrilla tactics and sniper manuals gathers his trips to Eritrea was also including the Chargers description attending a terrorist training camp in the British tabloid media has raised more questions than answers at the East African country has no such facility.  a judge concluded the case not suitable for trial before a magistrate and send it to a jury trial customer was granted conditional bail subject to a 25000 lb security and will next appear before the court on July 23rd Estero personal is a pro-democracy Advocate writes and speaks again Ethiopian brutal regime and teach people about how to stand up against tyranny his computer was found to have been hacked by the regime which led to a legal case against the regime known for using spyware wiretapping and surveillance against pro-democracy activists and critical journalists by the regime and has lived in the UK. 

  •  3 Killian police officers wear date and seven others were reported missing after the gun battle with suspected al-shabaab militants according to a BBC report the militant attack against the police post in an area called them near the country's border with Somalia according to the Daily Nation six police officers were also injured in the attack by the militants estimated to be 200 reports also said unknown number of villagers have gone missing after the attack there has been an increase in attacks by al-shabab militants against Canyon Targets in recent years

  •   the United Nations Refugee agency has voiced concern after the 17 newly-arrived return asylum-seekers in eastern Sudan we're taking by Smugglers from the refugee camp according to the report by the BBC the unhcr denied reports that they had been kidnapped saying they appear to have had a prior arrangement with the Smugglers but the agency says it remains concerned for their welfare is a major Transit point for people from the region who helped to migrate to Europe.
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