news in brief Ethiopian Jul 5, 2017

 get away with the news in brief Ethiopian region prosecutors have filed charges against five artists and two others of terrorism for disseminating songs and information that they say we're at fermenting unrest among the Oromo Community the charges not the first by regime that uses his anti-terror proclamation to silence dissenting views and critics of the government including journalists they accused artist singer Solomon if I can chew Hyrule Nitro Aaliyah Aaliyah flu as well as an animal and Molly is Ghana the five artist who sing in Romy and the two others the prosecutors say use YouTube and other proposed to disseminate songs and interviews with Roma political leaders urging Romo's to rise up and stand up against the regime the charge alleges that the accused organized and youth club allegedly associated with also produced new stories on websites

news in brief Ethiopian Jul 5, 2017

development programme undp Africa Bureau in Addis Ababa was accused of nepotism for hiring a daughter of a friend who is a member of the Ethiopian oligarchy and investigative report by Inner City Press aid for Greenwood Gator Regional director for the undp at Hyatt celebrity in 2013 as an individual contract holder ever participating in a competitive selection process selling Brianna is a daughter of Ambassador Veronica crystals and man who belongs to the Inner Circle of the tplf click running Ethiopia according to director of the relationship

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