get away with the news in brief Jul 08, 2017

At Federal high court in Addis Ababa rejection Quest by Dr merera gudina for his cage to be seen separately from the bogus terrorism charges brought against to Independent Media broad regime brats cooked up terrorism charges against good Dina and to Media Outlets abroad Ethiopian satellite television radio is at Roma media Network good to criminal offenses of attempting to overthrow the government violating the state of emergency and giving interviews to the media Outlets banned by the regime blowers for earlier requested the list of witnesses the prosecutor claim to bring against their client the issue to the house of the Federation to decide whether such as possible .

  The famine early warning system Network wanted that the problem with drought drives a full Security emergency in Somalia and Southeastern Ethiopia the network said in an alert on Thursday that the major food Security emergency is expected to continue in the Horn of Africa into early 2018 folding very poor performance of the march to June 2017 range II considered below average season in many areas it said the Regeneration of pasture and Water Resources for passaris has been well below normal in Southeastern Ethiopia Central Somalia and nose and Kenya and July Harvest prospects are very pool in most areas of Southern Somalia it said these factors are likely to sustain Human Assistance the Horn of Africa nation of emergency food Security in South Eastern Ethiopia and Somalia continues to face and improved the loss of life.

Pope Francis has appealed to the world leaders at the G20 Summit in Hamburg Germany to seek urgent solutions to complex in Africa and the Middle East saying some 30 million people are suffering without enough food and water in a message to the leaders he said war is never a solution and efforts needed to be stepped up to resolve the tragic situation in South Sudan election the Horn of Africa and Yemen where 30 million people are liking the food and water needed to survive Pope Francis added that there needed to be immediate support for the 30 million without discrimination along the lines of race religion or nationality.

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