ETHIOPIA DC News tue 04, Jul 2017 : Saudi Arabian authorities detained 12 Ethiopians

Saudi Arabian authorities detained 12 Ethiopians
Saudi Arabian authorities detained 12 Ethiopians to wear in the Kingdom for the annual Hajj and umrah pilgrims those arrested include members of the Ethiopian Muslim arbitration committee who are imprisoned by The Hairpin regime for opposing the interference of the government in the religious Affairs producer is Muslim a faith radio BBN confirm to the arrest of the Ethiopians
according to information obtained by ESAT Bail is set at $68,000 for the release of the 12 Ethiopians boosters Abu Bakr and oysters Yasin Nuru are among the Ethiopians in Saudi or 30 detained on Thursday night after prayers.

Ethiopian date has reached a whooping 23 billion dollars while export earnings is in downward spiral couple with increase in payments to loans in an article published in Addis adma's weekly local Amharic published in Addis Ababa the writer URS or the case that the country's payment to interest on loans is skyrocketing the country's debt which was 2.8 billion in 2008 to 23 billion this year payment to the country's debt shot to 1.18 billion in 2017 compared to 89 million in 2008 the article says the country pays four hundred million dollars every year towards its debt the writer said earnings from export trade has stagnated and Remains the Same since 2009 to the crisis in currency exchange which in turn encourage Contraband and other illegal businesses the writer says millions of dollars is being wasted and misappropriated in government mega-projects sugar development and advise him to desist from engaging in business they are government-owned businesses to private investors printing of Ethiopia's currency notes crisis.

Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe on Monday handed over a cheque for $1000000 to the African Union after he and his supporters sold hundreds of cattle to support the cash-strapped Continental organization Mugabe donated the money as the 29th ordinary session of the African Union Summit kicked off on Monday at the headquarters of the Continental body in Ethiopian Capital Addis Ababa say that the summit that his party and the people of Barbie thinking nischal pledge of 300 cattle to the two years ago was an Innovative idea and Noble cause it was quoted as saying in a December birth at a donation of cattle came naturally to him given the continent is rich in cattle and cuddled as a store of wealth according to reports include financing and stand for 60% of the African Union funds comes from donors the two-day Summit was also expected to tackle issues regarding peace and security on the situation.

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